About Us

Acquire Skills and Learning that Empowers Your Future

At d.kraft, we are revolutionising STEM education in secondary schools, envisioning a future where students not only learn essential skills but also innovate and excel in the dynamic realms of technology and engineering.

At the core of our commitment lies a holistic approach. Beyond content creation and delivery, we grasp the essence of technology.

Enter learnkraft.ai, a groundbreaking platform seamlessly integrable with any LMS via APIs. Empowering educators, it transforms the learning landscape‚ÄĒreducing administrative load, amplifying impact, and refocusing on student development over evaluation and invigilation.

We have a strong collaborative team that brings together a dynamic synergy of entrepreneurs, academicians, industry experts, and psychologists. This diverse collective leverages its expertise to meticulously design every aspect of our course curriculum, delivery methods, and technology integration.

With a shared commitment to fostering holistic development, our team ensures a well-rounded educational experience that not only imparts knowledge but also nurtures the unique talents and potential of each student.

Our technology team sits in the incubation hub of IIITD.

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Core Team

Founded by industry experts and entrepreneurs

Pawan Bahuguna

Senior Advisor

Sherrey Chng

Co-Founder & CEO

Brian O’Driscoll

Senior Advisor - Finance

Professor Soumitra Dutta

Senior Advisor (Former Founding Dean and Professor, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business)

Dr. Debarka Sengupta

Co-founder and AI Lead

Dr. Prasenjit Banerjee

General Manager & Product Lead