Minimise administrative burden, maximise educators' impact and create seamless adaptive learning experiences.

Through rigorous research and testing, we have developed. AI powered pedagogical tools at learnKraft to create an environment where students and instructors interact in intentional ways in content delivery and knowledge assessments.

Qz.kraft– a system that seamlessly combines the capabilities of natural language processing and machine learning to provide users with accurate and instant question-and-answer generation, and an auto-evaluation system. Whether you're seeking information for research, troubleshooting, or simply looking to expand your knowledge, our system is your go-to resource.

Biva - our multi-lingual chatbot designed to break down language barriers, allowing users to engage in meaningful conversations in various languages. This chatbot not only facilitates communication but also opens doors to global opportunities, making cross-cultural exchanges more accessible and efficient.

These AI-assistance tools exemplify the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in enhancing convenience and connectivity, revolutionising the way we interact with information and technology in the digital world.